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Cityexpress was created in response to market demand to have a courier service that would appeal to the general public, but also to small and medium sized companies that are growing. From the beginning, we have adopted the slogan:
You trust, we care. - to underpin our customers’ confidence in our services and to support them through a fast, quality and careful service.
Missions: We are close to the concerns and interests of customers, we make their needs our priority. The goal is that our services will become a benchmark of quality in the express courier business.
Values: Customer focus – our goal is to satisfy customer needs and exceed their expectations and to have ongoing improvements over and above our competitors. We believe that a company has a good customer orientation when: - It provides high quality services. - It demonstrates a rapid response to customer's requests. - And last but not least, it employs motivated and disciplined employees
Innovation: - we continuously improve our work systems and technology and we are committed to the continuous transformation and renewal, constantly bringing added value to the operations we perform, and we try to exceed our own expectations.
Teamwork: - is the main tool in directing and promoting quality services. Our couriers become ambassadors of our business.
Culture: - we continuously nurture and aspire to a high level of communication both inside as well as outside the company.
Passion: - we involve ourselves, we put heart and enthusiasm in our work, each of us personally participates in a collaborative effort, creating a team spirit and ethos.


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